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Onion and garlic growers all over the world rely on Top Air equipment to gently and efficiently harvest their crops. Carefully engineered design, rugged construction and the finest components available combine to make Top Air harvesters second to none in performance and reliability. Our patented air topping system, which utilizes the reliable Schumacher linear sickle drive and our own high capacity fans, removes tops cleanly and blows most foreign material back onto the ground, resulting in cleaner loads to the packing facility.

Mechanical Onion Harvester
Onion Equipment

Our onion equipment portfolio consists of Topper-loaders, Topper-windrowers, Loaders, Windrowers, and Cross-overs. Designed for the most demanding of harvesting conditions, Top Air onion toppers and harvesters have been in service for more than 20 years. View Onion Products

Mechanical Garlic Harvester
Garlic Equipment

Top Air garlic equipment was born from the technology that powers our state of the art onion equipment. The garlic harvesting portfolio consists of the Garlic-loader and Garlic-windrower. View Garlic Products