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Onion Topper Loader Model 4400

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The Top Air TL 4400 XT is the newest member of the topper loader series of onion harvesters. This model picks up, tops and loads four 40" to 44" beds of onions, resulting in extremely high field efficiency. Like all Top Air harvesters, simplicity, durability, low maintenance and high capacity are designed into the TL 4400 XT. The extra tall profile of this harvester virtually eliminates bruising caused by rollback on the discharge elevator and makes loading today's tall trucks a breeze. The enhanced hydraulic system, which includes a larger pump, larger oil reservoir, larger hoses and larger motors, makes this our highest capacity harvester.

  • Onion Topping Farm Equipment
  • Topper Loader Onion Harvester
  • Onion Topper Loader
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  • Onion Topping Machine
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Standard Features:
  • Extra tall profile to ease discharge incline
  • Extra heavy duty gearbox
  • Fold over discharge boom
  • Large high capacity fans
  • Patented Top Air topping system
  • 12 - 16.5" Tires on dual steerable struts
  • Return to center steering
  • Enhanced self contained hydraulic motor system
  • Full function electric / hydraulic cylinder circuit control valve
  • Discharge elevator shutoff
  • Emergency stop on conveyors
  • Electric flow control on inspection table
  • Dual linear sickle drives
Optional Features:
  • Trash conveyor belts
  • Sun canopy
  • Field light package
  • Surveillance camera system
  • Lift hitch
  • Domix air system